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Creating great places and experiences that work for everyone is inspired, creative, collegial, satisfying, and fun. Fresh ideas come from fresh insights and a willingness to engage in trial and error. In order to incentivize innovation and to reward organizations that invest time and resources into making their organization more accessible, UP Organizations (from the ILN or through the UP Designation program) will be eligible to receive a monetary award through the UP Awards.

The awards and publicity that surrounds them will draw attention to successful strategies and efforts and will help build interest in the UP Program and its ideals. The Mass Cultural Council will seek to raise private funds for the prizes. The Mass Cultural Council has secured $10,000 to put towards the awards from the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The funds were given to the Mass Cultural Council as part of the Key of Excellence Award that it received from the Phi Beta Kappa Society in 2014.

In addition to providing financial reward, the awards will provide the opportunity to come together and celebrate innovation, organizational commitment, inclusive culture, and the diversity of the human experience.

Detailed information about the UP Awards will be available here in December. The first celebration will take place in March 2016.

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