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Artist Space Resources
Resources to connect you with existing spaces or to help you think through the process of finding, financing, and developing your own space.

Creative Minds Out of School
Through this arts-based training, coaching, and professional development program, participants learn to use the nationally-distributed Creative Minds Out of School curriculum as a tool for teaching 21st century skills through visual arts education, and extend school day learning through hands-on experiences. A partnership between MCC, the Innovation Learning Center, and Davis Publications.

Creative Minds Out Loud
MCC's podcast for arts & culture nerds. Creative Minds Out Loud was created to give a glimpse into Massachusetts’ cultural capital; to inform, to inspire, and to share the stories of our sector.

Commonwealth Awards
The state's highest honors in the arts, humanities and sciences.

Cultural Districts
A new initiative to allow communities to create state-sponsored cultural districts to stimulate new arts and cultural activity and attract creative businesses.

Cultural Tourism 101
An online primer to cultural groups statewide seeking more information on connecting with tourists in the realm of "cultural tourism."

Folk Arts and Heritage
This program works to identify craftspeople, performers and cultural specialists, help sustain the practice of tradition where they live, and increase appreciation of their artistry within the community and beyond.

Includes work samples from MCC Artist Fellows and Finalists. These individuals have been recognized for exceptional work in a variety of disciplines by a panel of their peers.

A free, online listing of creative employment opportunities in Massachusetts that includes administrative, production, volunteer and intern opportunities. Cultural organizations have been posting their jobs here since 2003.

Local Cultural Council Online Office
Learn more about arts and culture in your community. Visitors can get information on each of the state's 335 local cultural councils. LCC members can access comprehensive administrative tools, instructions and information to help them manage the Local Cultural Council Program.

Organizational Capacity Measurement Tool
Developed by the MCC to help non-profit organizations identify institutional capacities.

SpaceFinder Mass
A no-cost discovery tool for artists seeking to rent alternative and/or affordable spaces throughout Massachusetts. Developed by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit technology company servings artists, SpaceFinder Mass is a project of the Arts & Business Council of Boston in partnership with the MCC.

An MCC initiative putting inclusive design at the center of our work with cultural organizations across the Commonwealth.

Youth Arts Evaluation
A rich collection of resources and tools for program evaluation developed through Boston Youth Arts Evaluation Project.

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