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Cultural Districts Signage Program

In the guidelines, the eligibility requirements include the following language:

Cities or towns must agree to participate in the state cultural districts signage program. A minimum of four (4) signs must be purchased. This will incur some costs.

The prime purpose of the signage program is to let visitors know that they have arrived at their destination, and a standardized sign creates a cohesive and consistent image for all of the state’s designated cultural districts. The name of the cultural district is chosen by the applicant. The municipality is responsible for deciding how many signs are required, and arranging installation.

Below is a sample of the signage for state designated Cultural Districts. The signs are uniform in design. Only Massachusetts state designated cultural districts who have applied and been approved for state designated are allowed to utilize the image.
Pittsfield's Upstreet Cultural District

Size and Materials
The signs are oval, and measure 36" by 24". They are fabricated from lightweight aluminum, and are weatherproof.

We expect that the signs will be no more than $150 per unit. The applicant must purchase and install at least four signs at the most appropriate boundaries of the district.

Any signage on a federal or state road must be approved by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Local regulations apply for roads that are owned by the local municipality.

The signs are designed to be fixed onto a pole fixed in the ground. The height may vary, but must be no less than six (6) feet from the bottom of the sign to the ground. The pole must be provided and installed by the municipality.

The Mass Cultural Council will authorize the fabrication of the signs. The signs will be delivered to the applicant. The municipality is responsible for payment directly to the sign vendor.

Signage Design – Other Uses
The signage design may be used for other purposes, such as cards, T-shirts, promotional materials, logos, hats, etc. Mass Cultural Council must be informed of the intended use.

For more information contact Meri Jenkins at meri.jenkins@state.ma.us or 617-858-2700 x22716

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