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Audience Engagement
Audience Engagement
Art of Participation (PDF)
Report Highlights:
Program Planning and Evaluation
Targeted Outreach Efforts
Digital Outreach and Education
Deepening Engagement through Education and Relationships
Broad Institutional Change for Increased Capacity to Engage
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The Art of Participation
Shared Lessons in Audience Engagement

The Art of Participation: Shared Lessons in Audience Engagement - download the full report
Download complete report (2 MB)

As nonprofit cultural organizations face the challenges of declining income and rising competition from new forms of entertainment, it is imperative that we unite in support of our common mission to make arts and culture a more vital part of people’s lives.

To that end, the Mass Cultural Council partnered with The Boston Foundation and the Wallace Foundation in a four-year effort to increase local participation in the arts and promote the effective exchange of knowledge about expanding audiences.

This publication, The Art of Participation, is part of our effort to spread the word about what we learned and accomplished over that time. In it you will find details on a range of projects in diverse disciplines, from dance and theatre, to music and the visual arts. The publication also outlines the process of building and maintaining a learning network and acknowledges the intriguing cultural thinkers who shared their ideas with us.

Highlights of the report include:

Videos from the Cultural Participation Public Forums
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