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"The tradition in this state… of public support for the arts goes all the way back to the original Constitution — written by John Adams — which says it will be the public duty of the government to support the arts, support the sciences, to support education, for all levels of society. We’ve got to raise children to appreciate the arts."

— Historian David McCullough, two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize
and winner of a 1999 Commonwealth Award

Artist Fellowships
Fellowships to artists in recognition of exceptional work.

Big Yellow School Bus
Provides grants to help schools meet the costs of providing educational field trips to non-profit cultural institutions and events across the Commonwealth.

Cultural Facilities Fund
An initiative of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the goal of the Fund is to increase investments from both the public sector and the private sector to support the sound planning and development of cultural facilities in Massachusetts.

Cultural Investment Portfolio
A fresh approach to unrestricted funding for nonprofit arts, humanities, and interpretive science organizations. Not a traditional grant program, but a partnership that will better position the cultural sector as vital components of Massachusetts' economy and the quality of life of our citizens.

Festivals Program
A pilot program designed to provide funding to help festival programmers meet the needs of producing, promoting, and developing audiences.

Local Cultural Council Program
Local Cultural Councils serving every city and town in Massachusetts offer grants to projects benefiting their community.

New England States Touring Program (NEST)
A cooperative program between the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) and the state arts agencies of New England that provides support to nonprofits for performances, readings, and related community activities by artists that have met the eligibility criteria for the NEST Program.

A new initiative focused on supporting the growing number of intensive, ensemble-based music programs that use music as a vehicle for social change.

STARS Residencies
Grants to schools for residencies of 3 days or more with teaching artists, scientists, scholars, or cultural organizations.

Traditional Arts Apprenticeships
A part of the Folk Arts and Heritage Program, apprenticeships support the teaching of traditional arts that are specific to a particular folk group or ethnic community.

Multi-year grants to programs that integrate substantive out-of-school arts, humanities and science opportunities into a collaborative community response to the needs of youth at risk.


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