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The Cultural Investment Portfolio (CIP) provides unrestricted general operating support grants and project support grants to nonprofit organizations that provide public programs in the arts, sciences, and humanities in Massachusetts.

CIP recognizes that organizations with an established record of programmatic service and administrative stability should have access to funds to support their organizational goals and objectives, and to maintain their ongoing programs, services, and facilities without special emphasis on new initiatives as justification for funding.

More than simply a traditional grant program, we view the Cultural Investment Portfolio as a vehicle to strengthen our state’s nonprofit cultural sector, not only through grants, but also through information, advocacy, and peer exchange.

Return on Investment
State investment in nonprofit arts, humanities, and science organizations yields returns in economic impact and increasing public access, according to the information gathered from the Massachusetts Cultural Data Project. In Fiscal Year 2016 Mass Cultural Council invested $4.5 million in close to 400 nonprofit arts, humanities, and science organizations though the Cultural Investment Portfolio. In turn these organizations:

  • Pumped more than $1.2 billion into the state‚Äôs economy through direct spending.
  • Employed 32,889 independent contractors, and full-time and part-time workers.
  • Paid more than $36 million in payroll taxes.
  • Delivered public programs that drew more than 20 million people. Nearly half of these individuals attended for free!
  • Served nearly 3.7 million children with arts, history, and science education programs through school partnerships and afterschool programs.
  • Generated more than $138 million in individual contributions from residents of Massachusetts and beyond.

Cultural Investment Portfolio Funding List

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