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Funding List - Fiscal Year 2017

Wooden boatbuilding and restoration
Harold A. Burnham, master artist, Essex, MA
Alden Burham, apprentice, Essex, MA
Grant: $10,000

Cape Breton step dance
Mary C. MacGillivray, master artist, Belmont, MA
Jennifer Schoonover, apprentice, Rockland, MA
Grant: $3,750

Cambodian traditional ornamentation
Yary Livan, master artist, Lowell, MA
Panit Mai, apprentice, Lowell, MA
Grant: $10,000

West African dance & drumming
Sidi Mohammed Camara, master artist, Dorchester, MA
Tiemoko Camara, apprentice, Dorchester, MA
Grant: $8,750

Cape Breton & Scottish fiddle
Emerald Rae Forman, master artist, Gloucester, MA
Elizabeth Kozachek, apprentice, Rockport, MA
Grant: $2,950

Wooden ship steering wheels
Robert Fuller, master artist, Plymouth, MA
John O’Rourke, apprentice, Halifax, MA
Grant: $8,850

North Indian Mithila art
Sunanda Sahay, master artist, Acton, MA
Anindita Lal, apprentice, Acton, MA
Grant: $5,700


Total: $50,000

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