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Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life  |  Cambridge  |  2013 

"Spin a Yarn, Weave a Life" was a collaboration between artists Cheyenne McCarter and Catherine Tutter that provided a unique opportunity to five elders living in an apartment building owned by the Cambridge Housing Authority. The project explored the rich associations between storytelling and fiber arts, allowing the elders to express their life stories and have them transformed into tangible works of art. The elders shared their stories by drawing or writing on sheets of paper that were then cut into strips; spun into yarn; and finally woven on a loom - a process known as Shifu. To foster shared connections between the elders, their families, and the community, the final works were displayed and discussed in a common setting for all to appreciate.

A completed weaving on the loom

Funded by the Cambridge Arts Council in 2013
Grant Recipient: Catherine Tutter and Cheyenne McCarter, $2,000

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