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Cambodian Folktale Project  |  Lowell  |  2008 

"Light of Cambodian Children" was established in 1998 by a group of Cambodian college students and young professionals. Recognizing the challenges that many Cambodian youth face, the organization offers mentoring, scholarships and programs that encourage self-reliance and a commitment to their community. The Cambodian Folktale Project introduced Cambodian youth to storytelling and book illustration through an intensive scholarly and artistic exploration of Cambodian folktales. The students were trained in interview techniques and then used their skills to collect the age-old folktales from their Cambodian elders. Written in Khmer and English, the illustrated folktales boost literacy for students of all ages who want to learn these languages. "The Tiger and the Elephant," produced in 2007, is the inaugural book in the series. This was the first bilingual Cambodian folktale to be published in the United States.

Cover page of "The Tiger and the Elephant"

Funded by the Lowell Cultural Council in 2008
Grant Recipient: Light of Cambodian Children, $1,000

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