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Teaching Math and Science through Ceramics  |  Great Barrington  |  2008 

Jane Burke, a professional potter with degrees in chemistry and science education, developed Teaching Math and Science through Ceramics. This unique, interdisciplinary project served 80 3rd grade children and taught them about the geology of local clay and the chemistry of glazing. Students started by making their own clay recipes that taught them about fractions and quantities. They learned how to shape the clay into pinch pots which were then fired in a kiln, demonstrating how the firing process is like a volcano returning rock to a molten state. Ms. Burke worked closely with classroom teachers to develop a tailored lesson that aligned with the students' curriculum. After seeing the success of this program, Ms. Burke is looking forward to strengthening her relationships within the school so that more programs like this can come to fruition.

Students with Jane Burke

Funded by the Great Barrington Cultural Council in 2008
Grant Recipient: Jane Burke, $300

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