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Prometheus Dance Elders Ensemble  |  Cambridge  |  2006 

The Prometheus Dance Elders Ensemble provided opportunities for older dancers to perform. Because dance is perceived as a young person's profession, this project wanted to address the neglect of the elder dancer. Prometheus Dance wanted to create opportunities that allowed these artists to express the grace and depth of the experience that is physically and spiritually unique to them. The Elders Ensemble has given performances for audiences at senior centers and assisted living facilities. The elder dancers - all age 55 and older - valued the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic and physical challenges of taking dance classes and learning new choreography. The audiences were enlightened with positive images of elders as graceful and vibrant dancers.

Elders Ensemble 7th Anniversary Concert

Funded by the Cambridge Arts Council in 2006
Grant Recipient: Prometheus Dance, Inc., $3,000

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