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PAAM Youth Education Program  |  Provincetown  |  2003 

An eight-month program for regional students in grades 2-12 that allowed them to curate and exhibit art in a museum. Students participated in critical discussion; research historic and technical aspects of works chosen from the Provincetown Art Association and Museum collection; and composes label and catalogue text. Working with teachers, artists and members of the PAAM staff, students developed oral and written language skills. This program built community, brought the arts and the community together, supported talented local individual artists and empowered young people.

Where are they now?

Now called the Student and Educator Curating Program, the program celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012 with a special exhibition in collaboration with 5 different school districts with over 400 students participating. Since receiving the award, the program has been able to expand from a few local schools to ten schools, including schools outside of Provincetown. The program has expanded from one visiting artist to several who work with the students using a variety of methods and media. In addition to art teachers, now school administrators and other educators are able to participate with their students to learn more about art history, creation and exhibition. The program received additional recognition in 2007 when it was honored with Cape Cods Collaborative Arts Project of the Year Award. The program continues to grow and succeed.

Fourth grade students select artwork from Provincetown Art Association and Museum's collection. Photo by James Zimmerman.

Funded by the Provincetown Cultural Council in 2003
Grant Recipient: Provincetown Art Association & Museum, $1,000

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