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Eric Hofbauer  |  Music Composition  |  2009 Fellow

Excerpt from Surely Some Revelation is at Hand

Eric Hofbauer by Angela Rowlings Eric Hofbauer
Music Composition
2009  Fellow

Boston Phoenix Best Guitarist of the Year Winner; Somerville Arts Council Artist Fellowship

Selected Performances/Recordings
Myth Understanding (Creative Nation, 2008); The Lady of Khartoum (Creative Nation, 2008); People I Like (Creative Nation, 2007); Madman's Moon (Creative Nation, 2005); American Vanity (Creative Nation, 2004); CK5 Live! (Creative Nation, 2002); The GSU Effect (Creative Nation, 2001); The Voice of Blood (Weltschmerz Records, 2001); North by Northwest (Antigo Records, 2000); Pendulabellum (Legpress Publications, 1998)

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