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Darrell Katz  |  Music Composition  |  2007 Finalist

Excerpt from December 30, 1994

Darrell Katz
Music Composition
2007  Finalist

Selected Performances/Recordings
The Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra; JCA Winds; The Darrell Katz Dreamland Orchestra; Studio for Electronic Music; The BMI Jazz Composers Workshop Orchestra; True Colors Big Band; The JCA Sax Quartet; Naftule's Dream; Ancora; Marimolin with Orange Then Blue; The Henry Threadgill Windstring; Ensemble; Berklee Jazz Comp Big Band; The Same Thing; Celebration of the Spirit; The Death of Simone Weil; In Thru & Out; I'm Me and You're Not; Dreamland; Flux; Passions From the Wreckage; Urban Objects

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