Our Vision for Creative Youth
The Mass Cultural Council and Creative Youth Development

Creative youth development programs are a dynamic part of the arts education ecosystem that link creative experiences in the arts, sciences, and humanities to youth development. Through these programs, both in- and out-of-school, young people develop their imagination; critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills; grit and resiliency. As they experience the creative process over an extended period, young people learn that they can use it to express their own identities, understand and change the world around them, and connect to the greater human experience.

The Mass Cultural Council (Mass Cultural Council) recognizes the power of creative youth development as an agent of change in the lives of young people and believes that all young people should have access to high-quality, creative learning experiences in their schools and communities. Through our YouthReach, SerHacer, and Amplify programs the Mass Cultural Council is working to make Creative Youth Development a visible and audible part of the cultural life in Massachusetts.

In 2016, building on the National Summit on Creative Youth Development that grew out of twenty years of exemplary YouthReach programming in Massachusetts, Mass Cultural Council has partnered with the National Guild for Community Arts Education, Americans for the Arts, and the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities to move the field of Creative Youth Development forward at a national level.  More information, as well as an opportunity to connect with the national work, can be found at www.creativeyouthdevelopment.org.

The Mass Cultural Council pursues these goals through a combination of grants, services, and advocacy.

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