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Cultural Investment Portfolio and Gateway Grantees
Reporting Requirements and Deadlines for Fiscal Year 2018

This section is intended for organizations receiving FY18 Cultural Investment Portfolio grants, including Cultural Affiliates and Gateway grantees.

Organizations that received an FY18 Project grant have different reporting requirements. FY18 Project grantees must complete their final report by June 1, 2018. 

For full disbursement of the FY18 Cultural Investment Portfolio grant, grantees must continue to meet all eligibility requirements and additional terms stated in Attachment B of the grant contract package.

Questions about administration of a FY18 Cultural Investment Portfolio grant should be directed to the following CIP Staff:

Sara S. Glidden, Program Manager
Gateway and Project grantees
Cultural Affiliates: Cultural programs under a non-fully cultural parent organization


Michael W. Ibrahim, Program Manager
Small to Mid-Sized CIP Organizations
Cultural Affiliates: Cultural programs under a college, university, and/or secondary school
617 858-2737

Kalyn C. King, Program Officer
Mid-Sized to Large CIP Organizations

FY18 Grant Timeline


Grants announced September, 2017
Award packages mailed to grantee Mid-September 2017
Contracts returned to Mass Cultural Council By February 6, 2018*
First 80% of FY18 grant disbursed 4-6 weeks after receipt of completed contract package
FY18 Reporting Requirements Due Month Deadline based on organization's Fiscal Year

Deadline for all reports: June 1, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT
Final 20% of FY18 grant disbursed June 2018, upon completion of all FY18 Reporting Requirements

SOME Portfolio grantees may have outstanding requirements or eligibility issues that need to be resolved before the Mass Cultural Council is able to mail the award package. Grantees with holds will receive a letter in lieu of the award package in September.

*The reason for a contract hold must be resolved, and the grant contract package returned to the Mass Cultural Council by February 6, 2018 or the grantee’s FY18 grant will be canceled.

If the FY18 grant is canceled, the organization will be considered a “suspended” grantee, which will add additional requirements for any reinstatement of funding in the Cultural Investment Portfolio’s FY19.

To check the status of your contract and grant payments, log into the CIP Management Tool and view “Contracts” tab. Contact CIP staff for log-in and password credentials if you do not have this information

FY18 Reporting Requirements
The following function as final reporting components for the FY18 Cultural Investment Portfolio grant, and as application components for FY19 Portfolio funding.

For ALL Cultural Investment Portfolio or Gateway grantees in FY18: Due June 1, 2018

  1. “Cultural Investment Portfolio Grantees, FY19” CIP Funder Report generated through Data Arts’ Cultural Data Platform. Gateway grantees must generate their Funder Report to “Gateway Grantees Final Report for FY18.
    • Organizations that do not meet the annual CIP DataArts Requirement by Thursday June 1, 2018 (11:59pm ET), will have their FY19 grant amount cut by 10 percent.

    • Organizations that still do not meet the annual CIP DataArts Requirement by Thursday, June 8, 2018 (11:59pm ET), will have their FY19 grant amount cut an additional 15 percent, to a total of 25 percent cut.

    • If an organization remains non-compliant with the annual CIP DataArts Requirement after Thursday, June 15, 2018 (11:59pm EST), the organization will be suspended from the FY19 pool and not be eligible for an FY19 Cultural Investment Portfolio grant.

  2. Use the CIP Management Tool to complete the following by June 1, 2018: