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Credit & Publicity Kit - Beyond the Requirements

Here are some suggestions for other ways you could help to inform people about the importance of public funding to the life of your organization and the community at-large:

  • Include mentions of what MCC funding means to your organization in your social media/network channels.

  • Write an article for your newsletter about how critical MCC funding is and the difference it makes to your organization.

  • Present the Council's executive director, chair or a board member as a speaker at one of your important events. Contact the MCC communications department to schedule this.

  • Encourage one of your board members or your executive director to write an opinion piece or letter to the editor crediting the Council for support.

  • Arrange for an article in your local newspaper about the Council’s funded programs in your organization.

  • Create a lobby display or some other public exhibit for the library, the town hall, the school, etc. For example, showcase students’ work or other Council-supported activity.

  • Send a special letter from your principal or executive director home to parents illuminating the work of the Council and the programs it supports in your school/organization.

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