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Credit & Publicity Kit - Beyond the Requirements

Here are some other ways you can help inform the public about the importance of state funding to your organization and community:

  • Include mentions of Mass Cultural Council funding and what it means to your organization via social media.

  • Write an article for your newsletter about state funding and the difference it makes to your organization.

  • Present Mass Cultural Council's executive director, chair or Council member as a speaker at one of your important events. Contact our communications department to schedule this.

  • Encourage one of your board members or your executive director to write an opinion piece or letter to the editor crediting Mass Cultural Council for support.

  • Arrange for an article in your local newspaper about the Council’s funded programs in your organization.

  • Create a lobby display or some other public exhibit for the library, the town hall, the school, etc. For example, showcase students’ work or other Council-supported activity.

  • Send a special letter from your principal or executive director home to parents illuminating the work of the Council and the programs it supports in your school/organization.

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