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Application Instructions - Innovation and Learning Network

Applications accepted from September 12 – December 12, 2018.

The Innovation and Learning Network (ILN) provides organizations the opportunity for experiential, collaborative learning and program development. 

Based on a model of community practice, the ILN brings together organizations with shared interests and similar challenges to learn from each other over an extended period of time. As organizations implement their individual plans, they will also contribute to the larger community. 

Over the course of the ILN, participants will:

  • Participate in 5 ILN workshops, typically lasting 8 hours, and hosted by one of the participating organizations. The 5 ILN workshops provide a blend of experiential and substantive learning. The workshops will cover a number of subjects organic to the organizations involved and will include:
    • Website audit
    • Emergency plan review
    • Staff training guidelines
    • Marketing strategies
  • Receive a facility site review and consultation.
  • Define increased participation and identify measurable ways of tracking progress.
  • Share institutional review and direction through an online teaching webinar.
  • Develop an access project.

Application Requirements:

  • Commit to at least one representative of the organization attending all 5 workshops. Up to four representatives may attend the ILN workshops. Participants may be staff or board members.
  • One board member must attend the reception at the start of the program and the project presentation at the final session.
  • Based on the topic, additional participants are expected to attend the appropriate workshops that relate to specific job duties.
  • A user/expert* site visit during regular business hours must be scheduled within 8 weeks of ILN start.
  • A teaching webinar must be scheduled within 4 weeks of user/expert site visit.
  • Complete an annual reporting requirement for the Mass Cultural Council to begin measuring the collective impact of UP Organizations.

To apply:

  1. Read the Innovation and Learning Network Guidelines and create an account if you do not have one. (Usernames/Passwords created for previously-submitted CIP-Gateway, Cultural Districts, Cultural Facilities Fund, MassFestivals, and/or YouthReach applications can all be used).
  2. Upload an organizational resolution approved by the applicant’s governing board stating a commitment to learn, take action, and embrace inclusion as a core organizational value.
  3. Provide 6 application narratives:
    • Examples of your organization’s commitment to learn, take action, and embrace inclusion.
    • Current strengths of your organization regarding access, inclusion, or universal design practices.
    • Current challenges of your organization regarding access, inclusion, or universal design practices.
    • Why does your organization wish to participate in the UP Innovation and Learning Network (ILN)?
    • Description of board, staff, and volunteer engagement in proposed UP participation.
    • Description of strategies to maintain institutional operations while participating in the UP Initiative and implementing the Access Plan.

If your board does not meet between now and the December 12 deadline, you will be asked to indicate the date on which your board will meet and take up the vote.

*A user/expert can be anyone with a functional limitation or disability who has developed natural expertise in dealing with the challenges of our physical, information and/or communication environments.

The Mass Cultural Council will review the application materials and select up to 10 organizations for participation that:

  • Demonstrate evidence of a commitment to learn, take action, and embrace inclusivity as a core organizational value.
  • Make a compelling case that the organization has:
    • board members, staff, and volunteers invested in the UP vision and can/will be able to commit the time and staff resources necessary to participate.
    • the capacity, and is prepared to, implement the plan they will develop during the network.
  • Ensure geographical diversity.
  • Ensure diversity in discipline and organizational size/type represented.

Questions? Contact Charles G. Baldwin, Program Officer, at 617-858-2739.

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