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Application Instructions - UP Organization Designation

Applications accepted from September 12 – December 12 2018.

Does your organization provide training to the staff, board, and volunteers about inclusion; engage user/experts* to steward institutional needs to facilitate program and policy development; and implement innovative accessible practices? Then apply for UP Designation.

Benefits of UP Designation

  • Be promoted by the Mass Cultural Council as an UP Organization.
  • Be eligible for the UP Innovation Fund; $3000 grant for an innovative practice that will enhance the sector.
  • Become a key member of the UP Network. Gain a wealth of knowledge, experience and camaraderie by being part of a network of likeminded organizations. The Mass Cultural Council will work with the UP Organizations to identify topics and methods for connecting and sharing through means such as in-person gatherings, webinars, and pairings for mentorship/partnership, etc.
  • Be eligible for a $1000 UP stipend to attend the Kennedy Center’s LEAD conference held in August of each year.
  • Be invited to participate in ILN workshops, as either a presenter or student, encouraging continual professional development in the field.
  • Be eligible for an UP Award which is both a recognition and monetary award.

To apply:

  1. Read the UP Organization Guidelines and create an account if you do not have one. (Usernames/Passwords created for previously-submitted CIP-Gateway, Cultural Districts, Cultural Facilities Fund, MassFestivals, and/or YouthReach applications can all be used).
  2. Upload an organizational resolution approved by the applicant’s governing board stating a commitment to learn, take action, and embrace inclusivity as a core organizational value.
  3. Provide 5 application narratives:
    • Examples of your organization’s commitment to learn, take action, and embrace inclusion.
    • Outline of staff, board, and volunteer training regarding access and inclusion.
    • Examples of your institution’s relationship with user/experts*.
    • Description of organizational commitment to access and inclusion.
    • Description of innovative practices; successful or not.

If your board does not meet between now and the December 12 deadline, you will be asked to indicate the date on which your board will meet and take up the vote.

*A user/expert can be anyone with a functional limitation or disability who has developed natural expertise in dealing with the challenges of our physical, information and/or communication environments.

Questions? Contact Charles G. Baldwin, Program Officer, at 617-858-2739.

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