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Online Application FAQs for Applicants

I do not have an internet connection at home, or prefer to handwrite my application. Can I still mail a paper application?
Moving to online applications was an effort to make the program more accessible overall. Remember that you can use your local library to submit the application online, or have someone enter the information into the online application for you. That said, some councils may choose to accept paper applications as well. If a council accepts paper applications, they will post that information in their Council Profile on mass-culture.org.

Can I apply to more than one LCC?
Yes, you are welcome to apply to several local cultural councils if you think your project may benefit more than one community. You will need to start a new application for each council. Remember to read each Council's Profile on mass-culture.org before applying.

What questions will be on the application?
The application will be very similar to the Standard LCC application we have been using. Although applications won’t be available until September 1, these screen shots give a sense of what to expect.

I’d like to apply for funding for a field trip, but I can’t find the application.
Applicants may still apply for funding for field trips using the Standard LCC application. Check your Council's Profile on mass-culture.org before applying to make sure that they fund field trips.  

The LCC to which I’m applying requires a letter from the venue or other additional support materials as part of the application process. How do I attach these materials?
As in the past, applicants must read the Council Profile on mass-culture.org to determine if any additional support materials are required by that council. If a council requires support materials, such as an artist resume, a flyer for the project, or a support letter, the applicant must upload those materials as a PDF as part of the online application. These materials will be collated with the application and included in the panel book that is delivered to the council. Please note that these PDF’s are limited to three pages. Instructions for converting and truncating PDFs will be available in late July/early August.

Help! I already submitted my application, but I made a mistake and need to change it.
Before the application deadline, contact our LCC Online Application Help Desk and we’ll change the status of your application back to a draft so you can make those changes and resubmit before the deadline.

After the deadline, contact your LCC. Councils can decide if they would like to do any follow-up to applicants after receiving their application, which will happen after November 1. Even if you haven’t contacted them, you may hear from them if they would like to ask questions or collect additional information.

Will I receive notice of whether my application has been accepted via postal mail or email?
LCC’s have the option to send denial and acceptance letters via email or postal mail. We expect that most councils will choose to send emails. If you haven’t received news by the end of January, try contacting the council.

Will the reimbursement process be moving online as well?
No. The reimbursement process will stay the same as it has in the past and will not move online this year.

I have another question that isn’t answered here.
If you have a technical issue or a question about the online application, please contact our help desk at 617-858-2721.

If your question doesn’t involve the application itself, please contact the LCC directly.

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