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Program Overview

Providing unrestricted general operating support is a core priority for the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). The MCC provides this support through the Cultural Investment Portfolio (CIP), the state's investment in the cultural sector.

CIP is flexible and respects the years of proven excellence and service provided by cultural organizations to their community. It puts a premium on building an honest, authentic relationship, between organizations and the MCC. The CIP supports organizations of all sizes and disciplines statewide.

There are three categories of participation to the Portfolio - Peers, Colleagues, and Partners. Organizations can choose to participate at any level for which they are eligible.

Colleagues and Partners are organizations with which the MCC has a long funding relationship and who are no longer required to submit a traditional grant application. The basic differences between the categories are the length of funding relationship with the MCC and the size of the organization.

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Learn more about Partners.

Becoming Part of the Cultural Investment Portfolio

An organization not currently a part of the CIP must apply to the Peers program, which is designed primarily for organizations that are new to the MCC operating support funding pool, not fully-cultural, or who do not meet the requirements for Partners or Colleagues.

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