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Program Guidelines - Gateway FY19

This program is not accepting applications in FY19. The guidelines are being updated for the February 2020 application deadline. The description below is for general information purposes.

Online application for Gateway grants for FY19/FY20 available: November 1, 2017
Application deadline: February 1, 2018
Panelists visits to applicants: February – June 2018

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Organizations that receive funding as Cultural Investment Portfolio are not eligible for this program. Organizations that received Gateway or Projects funding for FY18 may apply. Organizations may submit applications to both the Gateway and Projects programs for FY19, but will not be funded by both programs. Applications for each program are reviewed independently.

Program Description
CIP Gateway is a two-year operating support grant program, designed to be the entry, or gateway, for organizations into the Cultural Investment Portfolio. This program is for organizations not funded through the Portfolio.

Gateway grantees complete the same requirements as CIP grantees, but are evaluated in a biennial panel process to determine funding and eligibility for reclassification into CIP. Gateway grantees receive $3,000 annually for a total of $6,000 distributed over two years, subject to the total funds allocated to the Cultural Investment Portfolio by the Mass Cultural Council based on the agency’s annual legislative appropriation. Applications to the Gateway Program are accepted every other year.

The information below is a summary of the CIP Gateway Program, and is not expected or intended to be all inclusive. Please refer to the CIP FY19 Guidelines (PDF) for complete information.

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Information Sessions
Information sessions and an informational webinar will take place during November and December 2017. Check back for a schedule, or sign up for the Mass Cultural Council’s email news to receive notifications.

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CIP Gateway provides unrestricted operating support to organizations and programs with public cultural programming that benefits Massachusetts residents. This support is available to the following:

  • Fully-cultural 501(c)3 organizations: The organization’s primary mission must be to promote access, excellence, diversity, or education in the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences.

  • Independently-operating programs (referred to as Cultural Affiliates) under one of two types of parent organizations:
      • A Massachusetts recognized, non-fully-cultural 501(c)3 organization OR

      • Government, including federal, state, or local entity/municipality

Fully-cultural organizations must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be legally recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in good standing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. See guidelines for more details.

  • Be a ‘fully-cultural’ organization (as defined above).

  • Offer public cultural programming in Massachusetts annually, including the two most recent years, and maintain year-round operations.

  • Have minimum cash expenses of $50,000 for each of the two years prior to application. Grantees must maintain minimum cash expenses of $50,000 in each year to remain in the Gateway program or to be reclassified into the Portfolio.

  • Not receive a Cultural Investment Portfolio or CIP Project grant in the same grant year

  • Be in compliance with state and federal regulations which bar discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, or sexual orientation, and which require accessibility for persons with disabilities. Specifically:

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Review Criteria
Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Public Value (60 points total)

  • Core programming and relevance to mission (20 points)
  • Community engagement (20 points)
  • Efforts and success in reaching out to diverse or underserved communities, such as ethnically and economically diverse, rural, elderly, veterans, and people with disabilities. (10 points)
  • Participation of Massachusetts artists, scientists, and/or humanists (10 points)

Organizational Capacity and Sustainability (40 points total)

  • Financial health of the organization (10 points)
  • Appropriate program staff to develop and implement programming (10 points)
  • Ability of the administrative staff and/or governing board to manage the organization (10 points)
  • Success in organizational planning and evaluation. (10 points)

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How to Apply

The Gateway application consists of two separate online components

You must complete the DataArts  Cultural Data Profile Survey  for your most recently completed fiscal year AND submit the CIP Funder Report as part of your application. If your organization is subject to a review or audit, you should report on your most recent audited/reviewed fiscal year. You must include a balance sheet in your profile, even if your organization is not audited.  The process of completing the profile can take several days, so make sure that you complete the data profile at least a week prior to the application deadline. This must be completed before you submit the Funder Report. You must submit the CIP Funder Report by 11:59:59 PM EST on February 1, 2018 for your application to meet the deadline and to be submitted to the panel for review. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

For organizations that are FY17/FY18 Gateway grantees: you might be submitting the same CIP Funder Report for your FY9/FY20 Gateway application that you submitted for your FY17, or will submit for your FY 18 year-end grant requirements, depending on when your fiscal year ends. Contact the CIP Gateway Program Manager if you have questions.

In addition to the online application and the DataArts CDP Survey requirement, applicants will also host an evaluative Site Visit during the panel process. This visit consists of at least one member of the reviewing panel, as well as a Mass Cultural Council staff member. CIP Gateway Program Manager will be in touch to schedule your evaluative Site Visit after applications close on February 5, 2018. Site Visits for FY18 will take place February-June 2018.

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Grant Requirements
CIP DataArts Requirement
CIP Gateway grantees are required to enter financial data into the DataArts Cultural Data Profile annually, and then generate a CIP Funder Report based on this data. The CIP Funder Report functions as:

  • A final report for the first year of the Gateway grant (FY19)
  • An application for Gateway funding for the second grant year (FY20)

Your organization should fully complete the CIP DataArts Requirement by Friday, May 31, 2019 (11:59PM ET) in order to receive full FY20 Gateway funding..

All Portfolio and Gateway grantees are required to complete the CIP Annual Report during the month of May. The CIP Annual Report serves as a confirmation of ongoing eligibility for grantees, and includes the advocacy report, credit and publicity confirmation, and the organizational overview. It also includes a few statistical data points which the National Endowment for the Arts requires the Mass Cultural Council to collect from grantees. Grantees can access the CIP Annual Report via the CIP Management Tool.

All Gateway grantees are required to engage in, and report on, two advocacy activities each year. Advocacy must be completed and reported by May 31, 2019 (11:59PM ET). Grantees report annual advocacy activities via the CIP Management Tool. Learn more about Advocacy Requirements.

Grant recipients are required to credit the Mass Cultural Council for funding.  Refer to Attachment D of your Contract Package or the online Credit and Publicity Kit for more details. You will be asked to confirm compliance with the Mass Cultural Council’s Credit and Publicity Agreement in your Annual Report, via the CIP Management Tool.

All CIP, Gateway, and Project grants are subject to a 1:1 Match Requirement. Matching funds may include earned revenue or private funds donated to the grantee. The following may not be used as matching funds: In-kind contributions, other sources of public funding (i.e.: Local Cultural Council grants, Mass Humanities grants).

We suggest that Gateway grantees schedule a visit from CIP Gateway Program Manager during the two year funding cycle. Staff Visits are not evaluations or accreditations. The visit is an opportunity to build on the existing relationship with Mass Cultural Council, answer any questions about the Cultural Investment Portfolio, and strategize ways to address the challenges and opportunities facing the organization and the cultural community as a whole.

The Mass Cultural Council and its grantees are contractually committed to abide by state and federal regulations which bar discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and which require accessibility for persons with disabilities. The Mass Cultural Council’s grantees sign a contract certifying that they will comply with ADA and Section 504. The Mass Cultural Council aims to help grantees understand their obligations and recognize the opportunities that increasing access can provide for both the public and the grantee.  Resources and additional information about accessibility are available on the Mass Cultural Council’s website.

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Contract Holds, Penalties, and Restrictions
The Mass Cultural Council may apply a contract hold, penalty, or restriction if the grantee is not in compliance with necessary grant requirements. Grantees that do not meet annual requirements may have cuts applied to their future grant amounts, or may have funding suspended for subsequent grant years. Please see the full guidelines for details.

Grantees suspended from Gateway funding may re-apply for future cycles if they catch up on all remaining compliance requirements, and meet all requirements prior to their next application. Please see the full guidelines for details.

Reclassification into the Cultural Investment Portfolio
To qualify for reclassification into the Portfolio, an applicant must receive Gateway funding for a total of four years out of a six year period (two cycles out of three). Applicants with Peers funding for FY15/FY16 may count that as meeting the first two years of this requirement. Reclassification of organizations into the Portfolio will only happen if Mass Cultural Council’s funding levels are sufficient to allow an increase the overall program allocation. Please see the complete guidelines for more information on Reclassification.

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Application and Grant Timeline

For FY19/FY20 Gateway Grants
Application Forms Online

November 1, 2017
Intent to Apply Due Rolling, but recommended by January 15, 2018
Application Due February 1, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT
Panel Site Visits February – June 2018
Notification to applicants for FY19 Sept. 2018

For FY18 Gateway grantees in the second year of the two-year cycle:

FY18 Contract Due Jan. 31, 2018
CDP Funder Report Due                   Deadline based on grantee’s fiscal year. Final Deadline is June 1, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT
CIP Gateway Annual Report Due
Includes Advocacy Reporting, Credit & Publicity Confirmation, and Check-in Questionnaire.
June 1, 2018, 11:59 PM EDT
Future Application Deadlines Spring  2020,  2022, 2024

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Reconsideration Policy
An applicant may request reconsideration of a Mass Cultural Council decision if the applicant can demonstrate that the Mass Cultural Council did not follow published guidelines and procedures. Dissatisfaction with the denial of an award does not constitute grounds for reconsideration. A written request must be sent to the Mass Cultural Council’s Executive Director within 30 days of the date of notification of the decision. Such requests will be reviewed by the Mass Cultural Council Grants Committee and the Council.

The Cultural Investment Portfolio staff is available as a resource to answer questions about eligibility, requirements, deadlines, and compliance.

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Support & Resources

Sara S. Glidden, Program Manager
CIP Gateway

DataArts Support Center: Staff at the Support Center is employed by DataArts, not the Mass Cultural Council. They cannot answer questions about CIP compliance. Contact the Support Center at 1-877-707-DATA (877-707-3282) or help@culturaldata.org, Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm.

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