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Mass Cultural Council's Sources of Funding

Sources of Funding FY 2018 FY 2019
State: Basic Appropriation (0640-0300) less Earmarks13,925,699 16,034,982
State: Earmarked Pass-Through Funds25,000120,000
State: Supplemental Appropriation - -
MassDevelopment: Administration of Mass Cultural Facilities Fund326,549325,000
Funding Carried Forward from Prior Budgets296,840463,623
National Endowment for the Arts: Basic State Plan585,800592,700
National Endowment for the Arts: Arts in Education64,10063,500
National Endowment for the Arts: Arts in Underserved Communities193,800 197,000
National Endowment for the Arts: Folk Arts Infrastructure Grant30,00030,000
National Endowment for the Arts: "Poetry Out Loud"17,500 17,500
Private Funds: Big Yellow School Bus 800 -
Harry Rice Trust Account (As of 7/1/18) 84,882 73,994
Additions to Harry Rice Trust Account 1,584 -
Commonwealth Awards Trust Account66
Additions to Commonwealth Awards Account - -
Klarman Family Foundation Year I Funding for Teaching Artists Program46,621 -
Klarman Family Foundation Year II Funding for Teaching Artists Program135,000 61,900
Klarman Family Foundation Year III Funding for Teaching Artists Program - 88,100
Dudamel Foundation10,000 -
Total Revenue 15,744,181 18,068,305
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